Breath: Use the force!

Yoga and hypnotherapy might seem an odd combination for a career, but there is one very important factor that links both their powers in helping people feel better in body and mind. I’m [...]


Hushing the negative voices within

How many voices do you have in your head? I’m not talking about psychosis or schizophrenia, but those nagging voices that make up your internal dialogue throughout the day? We all have voices in [...]


On the Move!

I have some exciting news: I am on the move! But if you are a client, or client to-be then fret not as I really am not moving far. From the First week of May I will no longer be available on [...]


The road to empowerment

The concept of empowerment, and especially female empowerment, has been hijacked in recent years by debates about female nudity, or clothing in general. When Kim Kardashian got her boobs [...]

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