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A New Year’s Resolve for 2021

I’ve been heartened to see fewer New Years’ resolutions on social media feeds and posts this year. Maybe 2020 taught us that there are more important things than personal targets and goals that involve sacrifice and discipline; or maybe it’s because we realise how quickly life can change and the main thing to focus on is how precious life itself is. Either way, I quite like the shift from folks putting restrictions and conditions onto themselves in favour of the heart-felt messages of support for one another.

Last March we were all thrust quite sharply into a global crisis, and from where I have been sitting (which, let’s be honest, is mainly in front of a screen in my house), people have adapted amazingly well. Pushing the grumbles and moans and judgement we all see on social media (which are invariably going to be there), what has amazed me about the last year is how well people have coped. Seeing communities coming together, people offering help and support to one another and just, well… keeping going! Although the range of what people have had to cope with has be vast, and if you have been ill yourself, bereaved, working on the frontline, or conversely have not experienced the virus first-hand but have made personal sacrifices to keep others safe, then you have done astonishingly well, and I want to give you all a virtual pat on the back.

So instead of striving for personal improvements this January I hope we can instead take a pause to reflect on our own strengths and skills that have helped us through the last year. There’s a good chance that you are not only ‘good enough’ already, but the fact that you got yourself, and possibly your family and friends too, though one of the toughest years in our lifetime, means you are actually really rather amazing.

That being said, even amazing people need support sometimes, a confidence boost or help tackling a particular habit, anxiety or trigger. So even though I am still not seeing people in person I am still continuing to see hypnotherapy clients online. I will also keep in place a reduced fee for those who have been financially impacted by lockdown, or are currently unwaged.

In addition to this, and because I think it’s all important that we get vaccinated so we can start to really tackle this pandemic, I am offering free needle phobia sessions currently; for those who want to get vaccinated, but a fear of needles is hindering them. I have additional training in needle phobias and lots of experience in this area, so please do get in touch if you need help!

I am also still offering weekly online yoga classes; my LGBTQ+ class on Wednesdays and Relax and Shine on Thursday nights (a blissful bedtime session for those craving good sleep), and I am also offering 1-2-1 yoga sessions online at a reduced rate of £20 for 1h or £30 for 90mins, perfect for beginners or those who like to do yoga videos online and need a live-teacher session for feedback on alignment and technique.

And finally, our Reclaiming the Rainbow course starts at the beginning of February, a six-week online course for the LGBTQ+ community, featuring yoga, poetry, discussion, creative writing and reflection.

To book or enquire about any of these classes, sessions or course places, or to request a phone consultation, please get in touch via the contact form.

Wishing you all a healthy, safe and nourishing January.

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