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An offer to honour all our NHS workers!

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I can’t be the only one who got a little teary eyed at the tribute paid to the NHS at the 2012 Olympics? I love the NHS. It’s been there for me my whole life, from when I was a sickly baby in an incubator (who probably wouldn’t have survived 50 years previously), to keeping me healthy throughout my childhood and adult life. The NHS is facing some huge pressures and challenges at the moment and I support those who work for this excellent British institution. Because they work to keep us healthy, I want to help keep them healthy too.

Doctors, nurses, midwives, care assistants and others who work in the NHS often suffer as a result of their long hours. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, addiction and burn out are all too common in the caring professions, and resources to help those who help us are often overstretched.

At the moment hypnotherapy is not available on the NHS, although some hospitals and birth centres do have hypnotherapists on hand who work in a voluntary capacity, or can be seen for a fee. Hopefully one day that will change. This is why I have a permanent NHS staff discount in place; all NHS workers get a 15% discount on hypnotherapy sessions, yoga classes, class cards, retreats and workshops with Shine.

This admiration of those who work in the caring professions has also been one of the inspirations for my Caring For Carers Day Retreat coming up in May. Seeing how hard nurses and carers care for others, it is important that they understand the mechanism for self-care also, to avoid burn out and other mental and physical health risks from giving so much of their energy to others. Although open to all those who want to learn self-care, the hope is that nurses and carers will gain a day of serious relaxation and restoration so they can return to work feeling renewed. There is of course an NHS discount on the retreat as well. You can book through the Eventbrite link above, through Facebook, or by contacting me via the contact page.

If you want to book free consultation for hypnotherapy (please bring your NHS ID to the consultation to get the discount) then also get in touch via the contact page or call me on 07720442239.

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