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Chris came to see me earlier this year, wanting to tackle a life-long phobia of mice and rats. When he first phoned up he couldn’t even say the words and had to describe his phobia to me. Here is his story:

I have suffered with a crippling phobia of mice and rats since I was eight years old. I am now 58 and I decided at last that I wanted to do something to get rid of it. I have always been reluctant to seek help because I was worried that I would have to be exposed to pictures of mice, or even a real one. I was talking this over with my doctor as the problem was becoming chronic, I was having dreams about them every night and when I saw a mouse in my workplace I actually passed out.
The doctor suggested that I try hypnotherapy and so I looked for hypnotherapists in my local area. The one that stood out for me was Emma as phobias are an area of her expertise and for the first time I had a positive feeling that maybe someone could help me.
I rang Emma and tried to explain my phobia. I found it very difficult because at that time I couldn’t use words that described my phobia. Emma was very patient and managed to get most of the facts from me and arranged a consultation. I have to say that from the moment I met Emma I was completely relaxed and positive that she would be able to help me; we went through all the problems I was having without once mentioning the words that I found so difficult to use.
The following sessions were great; through talking, gaining knowledge, relaxation and hypnotherapy I found that my fears were gradually receding, by halfway through I was able to say the words mice or rats, I was able to look at pictures and watch items on the television, like the wildlife programs I had been avoiding, even ones with items on mice and rats. By the end of the third session my phobia had disappeared. I even painted a detailed portrait of a mouse and wrote a story about her!
Since my therapy sessions ended I have visited a pet shop and am now able to look at all the rodents without any reaction whatsoever. To me it’s amazing, although I know the therapies Emma uses are based on very sound knowledge and methods, I now feel completely free and a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I have a much better, more positive outlook on life and I will never be able to thank Emma enough for what she has done for me. – Chris.
Well done Chris!

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