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COVID-19 update for clients and students

Understandably many people are feeling little worried at the moment about the spread of Coronavirus; and we all have a natural desire to want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy. Panic helps nobody and common sense should, as usual, be applied as liberally as the hand wash. Being the solution-focused kinda gal that I am, I wanted to outline my changes in practice to help keep us all safe and well. This is not advice or opinion and I urge you all to follow official NHS guidelines rather than individual’s advice. These are purely steps I am putting in place to keep my students, clients and self as safe as possible, based on those guidelines.


Yoga Classes
  1. Both studios where I teach, Yoga on the Square and Yogasara, have issued teachers with emailed guidelines on hygiene, which we are all following, and I am adhering too. These are available and if you would like a copy please PM me.
  2. I am not cancelling classes unless I become unwell, in which case I will inform students who have booked and cancel the class on MoveGB. If you usually drop in, check in with my FB page before the class for updates to make sure the class is still on.
  3. Please bring your own mat if you have one. If not, be sure to give your studio mat a clean down before and after use. Both studios provide mat cleaner (or bring your own).
  4. There are also hand-washing facilities at both studios, please wash your hands before class for a minimum of 20 seconds, using soap and then drying thoroughly. I will do this also as I always do (although I am now keeping hands-on teaching to a minimum).
  5. If you are unwell, please do not come to class! All booked classes can be refunded right up to the start of class. Even if you are sure it is not Coronavirus, please err on the side of caution for considerations of your fellow yogis.
    Hypnotherapy clients
  6. I am wiping down all high contact surfaces between clients; and changing couch bedding regularly and washing hands before each client. For the time being I am using disposable cups for water and paper hand towels, though please feel free to bring your own water bottle. Please feel free to wash your hands before our session.
  7. I will cancel clients if I become unwell and I urge clients to do the same if feeling ill, and for the time being there will be no cancellation fee if you are unwell.
  8. I am however happy to see clients over Zoom, so you can still have your session from the comfort of your own home!
  9. This goes for new clients as well, I am happy to see you over Zoom, please get in touch for more details.
  10. Be mindful of the stress of the news Although this is a worrying time, be mindful of how much information you take on board. Common sense is what is needed, getting stressed out does not help. Using hypnotherapy, meditation and mindfulness tracks can help keep you working from the intellectual brain rather than going into flight or fight. The news does have an off switch! Let’s be solution-focused and work on what we can do to help prevent the spread of nasties.If you have any concerns or questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Be sensible, be kind and be well!

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