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Ellie’s Story

Ellie came to see me in the autumn of 2013, pregnant with her second baby, wanting a natural birth.  This is her story.

“I wanted to try hypnotherapy for the birth of my second child as I thought, if nothing else, it would be a nice relaxing thing to do. My first birth ended up being an elected c-section, as we found out our son was breech, but second time around, I planned to do things as naturally as I could.

As I had to have a c-section before, I knew that I would need to be monitored throughout. This was something I was quite worried about, as I knew I wanted to be left alone as much as possible to birth my baby. Having hypnotherapy sessions gave me the confidence to know that in that situation, I would be able to stay calm and relaxed. I even ran through some scenarios in session with Emma, in order to practice how would stay relaxed at those times. Listening to Emma’s voice on the CD every evening helped me to stay relaxed and focused leading up to the birth, and I was able to practice staying calm and ‘going within’.

On the day I went into labour, I lay in bed and listened to the hypnobirthing CD, focusing on my breath and staying as relaxed as possible. When the contractions became stronger and it was time to go to the hospital, I carried on listening on my MP3 player in the car. In the hospital, it was revealed that I was only 3cm dilated, and there was talk of me possibly having to go back home, so I was left alone for a while – this is when the magic happened! I tried to focus on my breath and very soon after, I could feel the strong urge to push. In less than an hour from arriving I was holding my baby girl in my arms – it was incredible! It happened so quickly that the midwife wasn’t even prepared, which means she hadn’t got around to sticking a needle in my hand and hooking me up to a machine for monitoring, neither of which I had wanted.

It couldn’t have gone better for me in my opinion. I believe that this was achieved through the gradual process of hypnotherapy sessions, positive visualisations and relaxation practice leading up to the birth. Whenever I hear someone tell me a negative birth story, I always like to share my very POSITIVE birth story!

I would recommend hypnotherapy for birth to anyone thinking of trying it. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Emma and my practice at home, and (most) of the actual event itself. I had the biggest feeling of euphoria at the end knowing I had done it and stayed to calm and in control, and best of all (even though I was happy to take some drugs) I didn’t need to, I did it all drug free!”

– Ellie

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