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Haley’s Story

Haley came to see me in February of this year. A really lovely girl who her whole life had enjoyed horse riding. A couple of years ago she had fallen from her beloved pony Holly while taking a jump at the riding school and broken her leg. Since then she had developed a fear of jumps, and even got anxious while being in the riding school. Her relationship with her pony had suffered as well and she’d lost confidence in her self. Her confidence at work was suffering as well and she really wanted to ‘get back on the horse’ so to speak.

After an initial consultation with me, I learned how much she loved animals, especially horses, and worked as a veterinary nurse. She really loved riding, and had no problem out tacking with Holly, but the panic and anxiety set in once she got in the school for jumping. It seemed to have knocked Holly’s confidence as well. I decided that a three sessions should get Haley’s riding confidence back. One session to lower her general anxiety and build confidence, one session to do some trauma release work and a final session of reframing. I sent Haley away after the consultation with a CD to listen to, an explanation of how the brain worked, and some breathing exercises to practice.

By the first session, Haley already said she felt more relaxed in the riding school and had had some enjoyable hacks out with Holly. We did a nice anxiety-busting hypnotherapy session, with some solution-focused therapy beforehand to build up a picture of how Haley would like to improve over the next week.

During the second session we used a technique called “The rewind”, which is an excellent hypnosis technique for dealing with trauma. Haley said she had already been feeling more confident at work and at the riding school and was enjoying practicing her breathing techniques.

By the final session Haley said she was enjoying riding a lot more and even getting excited about getting to the school. We did a reframe, which is a story, written by the client about how they would like to be in a certain situation. Haley had written a brilliant story about going riding and doing the jumps with ease. The story is then gone over in the session, and then finally in hypnosis. It was a really beautiful final session and I was sad to see Haley go, but couldn’t wait to hear how she had got on.

A few weeks later I got a lovely email from Haley, which I share with her permission:

“I just wanted to say thank you again for your sessions. I am a new person! I am enjoying riding so much more, I’ve done more riding in the last three weeks than I have in years. I am so happy! I now really excited for the summer, we are progressing so much quicker, hopefully we will be back out competing again soon. I think Holly is enjoying herself more too, we have been much more adventurous and having lots of fun. 

I think the girls at work have noticed a difference too, especially Daisy who I work with all the time, she says I am more confident, and taking more responsibility. I just feel so much happier!”

Haley also sent me some photos and videos of her riding. It is emails like this that give me so much enthusiasm for what I do, I really do feel so lucky to have a job that gives me such satisfaction. Well done Haley!

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