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Helena’s Story

Helena came to see me in 2014 to build confidence for an upcoming driving test. Here is her story:

“I decided to try hypnotherapy with Emma to after repeatedly failing my driving test because of panic and nerves. I am usually a fairly calm person and good under pressure, but for some reason the driving test really got to me. It was frustrating, and also expensive, having to take more and more lessons and tests.

After just three sessions with Emma, not only had I come to understand my response to the driving test better, but I was feeling much more calm and competent around my car. My driving instructor and my mum both picked up on this without knowing I had been having hypnotherapy! On the day of my final driving test, just as I had practised with Emma, I woke up feeling excited and prepared to pass – which I did, with flying colours! The process of being hypnotised itself was really enjoyable. I found myself very relaxed after my sessions, and I also noticed that I was sleeping better, and felt better able to motivate myself in other areas of my life.

I did have a few reservations about hypnotherapy before I tried it: I thought I might feel uncomfortable or out of control, but this never happened. It was a really effective way of learning to relax, focus and deal with my panicked feelings and thoughts, and I’m really pleased with how well it worked.”

– Helena

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