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JANUARY SALE! Class cards and one-to-ones

I have decided if you can’t beat the madness of the January Sales, you can at least join them; and more importantly, offer people a deal on something that will actually give them respite from the madness of January. For the whole of January I am offering a special price for one-to-one yoga sessions and all yoga class cards.

If you are new to yoga, have had an extended break and want to get back into it, or want to improve in a certain aspect of yoga then a one-to-one can be invaluable to your yoga journey. In one-to-ones I can help you build a practice that is specific to your body and your needs. It is important we don’t get into ‘bad habits’ in yoga as they can lead to long-term damage or injury. In busy classes it is easy to get lost, and a teacher might not pick up on if we are not doing something correctly. Likewise using DVDs or Youtube videos; without a teacher guiding your body specifically, it is easy to hurt yourself or at least do things in a way that doesn’t give you the best benefits.

Working one-to-one also helps those who might have different learning styles. Classes that use lots of Sanskrit terms and complex anatomical language, or doesn’t (or does, when you don’t like it) use hands on facilitation, can make yoga seem off-putting. In a one-to-one you can work with a teacher to find out how to get to grips with each posture, in a way you understand. One-to-one sessions will be only £30 for the whole of January, a 25% discount!

I am also offering a discount on my 5 or 10-class Class Cards. The benefit of a class card is that it works out cheaper for classes, keeps you motivated and means no faffing with cash when you come to class. They also make an excellent gift for someone who loves yoga or wants to get into it – all my classes are suitable for beginners. For all of January Class Cards there will be a 10% discount on all class cards. So 5-class cards will be £40.50 and 10-class cards will be £72. The 15% discount for unwaged people and NHS workers will remain the same (5 card: £38.25; 10 card: £68).

To book a one-to-one session, or to purchase a class card; simply send me a message via the contact page or call me on 07720442239.



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