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Katie’s Story

Katie came to see me earlier this year wanting to gain more confidence at work. This is what she had to say about coming to see me:

“I want to thank Emma so much for everything, I really loved our sessions. I feel like I learnt so much lot, and really grew in confidence, enough to start to make some big life changes that I had been putting off for a long time. 
It was great setting goals each week for things that I wanted to achieve, it really got me thinking about where I want to be at this point in my life and what direction I’m going in, I felt I was being pro-active in getting things done finally! 
I found Emma’s passion for Yoga and Buddhism through her practice fascinating, it re-ignited my own interests and got me spending more time focusing on my own self-care and realising how important it is to be calm and have peace.
Emma’s a very inspiring lady, and just what I was looking for in a hypnotherapist at that point in my life – it was great to have such a strong woman to learn from and fill me with confidence when I felt like all I was doing was failing!

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