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Marianne’s Story

Marianne came to see me in 2015 for help with her anxiety, this is her story:

I visited Emma to try to learn some new techniques to help me cope better with ongoing feelings of anxiety, stress and panic. I’ve never tried hypnotherapy before, and it turned out to be a really productive, enjoyable and therapeutic experience. Emma is a very knowledgeable, experienced and warm person, she put me at ease straight away. Her solution-focused approach to hypnotherapy sessions was uplifting, empowering and positively geared towards the ‘what next’.

I left her sessions feeling lighter, calmer and better equipped with new tools on how to deal with anxiety and focus on mindfulness. Emma’s approach also gave me a deeper understanding of how the mind works and how to change old habits of unhealthy and unproductive thinking. Emma’s enjoyable hypnotherapy sessions have given me more confidence, strength and tools that I can use on a daily basis to manage my own anxiety and strive towards a calmer, more accepting and positive approach. I would absolutely recommend her sessions!”

– Marianne

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