Depression & Anxiety

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Many of us will experience some kind of anxiety, or period of depression at some point in life; whether just feeling a ‘bit blue’ after a change in circumstances, or the sort of long-term, crippling anxiety that makes the most simplest of tasks seem overwhelming.

Anxiety and depression can have a physical effect on our wellbeing, aggravating such physical symptoms as IBS and psoriasis; and making it harder to keep control of our sleep, diet and energy levels. It can make us prone to addiction and destructive behaviours, and can leave us feeling unmotivated, fearful and exhausted!

Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest, most effective ways of helping people overcome anxiety and depression. Through Solution-focused psychotherapy combined with clinical hypnotherapy, CBT and mindfulness techniques, I work with clients to find the best ways to move forward, overcome anxiety and make plans for a positive future. What’s more, hypnotherapy is both a gentle and enjoyable treatment.

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Confidence Building

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A lack of confidence can really hold you back in life; whether it’s deciding to apply for that new job or study course, or going on a first date (or even asking someone out in the first place!), or just not living up to your potential.

Feeling shy can also cause unwanted physical symptoms such as stuttering, blushing or excess sweating – all of which serve to just lower your confidence even more! Solution-focused hypnotherapy not only helps with building overall confidence and self-esteem but can also help with the physical symptoms, through learning fast-track relaxation and visualisation techniques.

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Fertility, Pregnancy & Childbirth

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Planning to get pregnant can be an overwhelming time, and the anxiety from ‘trying’ can often make problems worse! Hypnotherapy can help pregnant individuals and couples get into the best possible frame of mind to increase chances of conceiving.

My programs for pregnancy and childbirth are tailor-made to suit your needs and help you prepare for the birth you really want. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, hypnotherapy can ensure you have the most enjoyable pregnancy possible and can look forward to a peaceful, easy labour and birth! As well as dealing with any anxiety surrounding childbirth, I also teach self-hypnosis for pain relief and also like to get birth partners in the most relaxed mental state as well. Previous clients have told me that after having hypnotherapy for pregnancy and birth, they have had very relaxed, content babies as well! I also work with LGBTQ parents, and you can be assured your gender and sexuality will be respected.

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Stopping Smoking

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Doctors will tell you that the single best thing you can do for yourself to improve your health and extend your life is to stop smoking.

The thing that stops most people from giving up is the fear that quitting will be difficult, and they can be forgiven as that idea is promoted with every TV ad break. Hypnotherapy is the quickest, easiest way to stop the smoking habit for good. You’ll learn how easy it is to quit, should be able to stop after just one session, and understand how you can finally be free of tobacco for good.

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Insomnia can occur for many reasons, seemingly on its own but more commonly as a symptom of anxiety, depression and stress. This means that a vicious cycle is quickly established, as the lack of sleep makes it harder to deal with the anxiety, and the anxiety gets worse as you worry about the lack of sleep!

Whether or not clients come to see me for insomnia as a primary concern, or as a symptom of their anxiety and stress, the first thing I do is sort out their REM sleep cycle. Hypnotherapy teaches the brain to relax and “let go” of all those worries that sometimes kick in before bedtime, by listening to a hypnosis track (provided) the brain is encouraged into good sleep cycles with the correct amount of REM sleep, meaning that not only can you achieve a good night’s sleep, but you can also function better when you are awake.


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Most of us have a fear of something, but sometimes a fear can become so strong that it begins to affect our daily life, or prevents us from doing something. Phobias can take their toll on our mental health if left untreated, especially if they concern something unavoidable in life. Perhaps you would dearly love to go on holiday with your family, but a fear of flying is holding you back? Perhaps an anxiety about public speaking, interviews or social situations is stifling your career?

Hypnotherapy is a quick and effective way of overcoming a phobia, no matter how severe or silly it may seem. Sometimes people delay seeking treatment for a phobia because they worry that they will be made to face the thing they fear head on – in hypnotherapy this does not happen. Treatment comprises the usual free phone or Skype consultation followed by three hypnosis sessions. You will also receive a free CD and support material.

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