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Shine your way through Autumn


After a very busy summer, an impromptu move back North of the River in Bristol, and a fantastic holiday away to The States I am back and raring to go for Autumn. I love Autumn. The gentle drawing in of the nights, the gorgeous leaves and the way we take time at this time of year to honour the dead and the dying. I love everyone’s ‘back-to-school’ attitude and find my classes get busier and people feeling ready to commit to hypnotherapy sessions.

Private Hypnotherapy Clients

From this month I am available in two locations to see clients, both with flexible time slots to make it even easier to accommodate clients. The first is the gorgeous Alma Vale Centre in Clifton, where I have the choice of two rooms, meaning clients with disabilities are also accommodated as one room has easy access. There’s also the benefit of a receptionist, waiting area, and parking is available in the near by Clifton Down Centre.

I will also be available at The Wellbeing Room at Yogasara, Picton Street, Montpelier. This is a very special place for me, as it is run by the Yogasara yoga studio, which is where I trained to be a teacher and is a bit of a home-from-home for me.

As well as seeing people in these two delightful locations, I am also available to see clients over Skype if, for whatever reason you would prefer to have sessions from the comfort of your own home.


Fears and phobia month
(Pic: Jenny Diski)

Autumn is always associated with horror, spooks and the fun of being frightened, but having an actual phobia is no joke. Clients often feel embarrassed or ashamed when they tell me about their fears or phobias, but there really is no need. Firstly I’ve probably heard it before, and if I haven’t I’m probably going to be really excited (I love unusual phobias!). But whether you have a common fear like spiders or flying, or it’s toothpaste caps or Scrabble tiles, I will be happy to help you overcome it with solution-focused hypnotherapy.

Until the end of November I am offering free consultations for all phobia clients (rather than the usual £40), so get in touch if you want to take the heebies out of your jeebies (no, I have no idea where I was going with that one either).



Hypnotherapy Skills for Yoga Teachers

There’s just a couple of spaces left for this CPD course I am running on the 27th October at Yogasara. A must for any yoga teacher who wants to make their teaching richer and learn more about how the brain works. Learn how hypnotherapy techniques can be used in the yoga studios to help your students have a deeper practice and make long lasting changes to their wellbeing. For more information visit the events page.

New Yoga Classes

As well as having a new hypnotherapy room I am also adding two new classes to my schedule this Autumn:

Queer Yoga
Yoga on The Square (27 Portland Square)
5.15pm-6.15pm Every Monday (Starting the 15th October)
(I am charging £8 drop in for this)

Queer yoga is an inclusive yoga class for the LGBTQ+ community and friends. Expect Vinyasa-style yoga for all levels with a focus on breath, alignment and building physical and mental strength; meet new friends and learn yoga in a safe and inclusive environment where gender expression and all sexualities are respected and celebrated.

Shine Yoga
Yogasara (10-12 Picton Street)
10am-11.15am Every Friday (Starting on the 26th October)
(£9 drop in)

Shine Yoga combines deep and integrated vinyasa style- yoga with hypnotherapy, breath work and yoga philosophy. The purpose of Shine yoga is to empower you to feel your best in body and mind. Shine yoga helps to create mental and physical resilience, an understanding of how the mind and body works, and is a lot of fun. Shine yoga is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned yogis and I welcome all ages, genders, body types, and abilities.

As well as also keeping my three other classes, Shine Mums, Shine Yoga at Yogafurie, and Hatha Yoga at Trika. Keep an eye on The Calendar  for more details.

I hope to see you on the mat or at a consultation soon.

Emma x

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