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Signs that you might be a recently qualified yoga teacher

It has only been a month since I completed  my Yoga ATTC at Yogasara and I passed! Meaning I am now a fully-qualified yoga teacher! It’s been a long slog, intense, emotional, hard work, exhausting… and I have loved every minute of it!

So I dedicate this blog to my classmates who have also completed, but it might also ring true with other yoga teachers. It might also help you make your mind up If you are thinking of training.

You might be a recently qualified yoga teacher if…

  1. You can’t remember the last time you wore “normal” clothes outside of work; leggings and vests are a staple now and your legs feel weird without Lycra on them.

  1. Said leggings and yoga pants nearly all have holes and threadbare seams in them from over stretching them into ways no leggings designer could have ever predicted.

  1. You teach yoga classes in your dreams; often in awkward, terrifying situations, such as naked in front of a class of your teachers from school; but sometimes you actually get pretty good ideas for classes, and have to desperately try and remember sequences when you wake up!

  1. Your background brain music has switched from jingles, pop tunes and the kids TV theme tunes of your childhood to mantras and Sanskrit chants.5. Your significant other or housemates think you have asthma from all the huffing and puffing they hear you doing in a morning while you do your Kriyias.

  1. Or that you’ve joined a cult from all the chanting and Oms you do.

  1. You can’t stop analysing the posture of everyone you see, so are constantly having to check that you’re not being a creepy weirdo.


  1. And you have to stop yourself from adjusting people as they bend down to reach things in the Supermarket!


  1. You spend so much telling people how great yoga is and to come to your class, or go to your friends classes that you feel like some sort of “yoga pusher”.

  1. You find yourself turning the simplest of tasks into asana, such as popping into arda chandrasna to open the window.

  1. You just can’t drink like you used to, and have gone from being the last one up to the first under the table.


  1. You have little doodles of stick figures of yoga poses on all your notebooks and diaries and sometimes even your hands.

  1. You’ve accidentally said Namaste to the barista who made you your morning coffee at least once.


  1. You begin to realise that yoga has become a proper relationship in your life, as complex, emotional, profound, infuriating and meaningful as any you would have with a close friend, lover or family member.

  1. And even when you do feel frustrated with it, you are now at the point that you know you couldn’t give it up, because actually this time it is ‘the one’ and it’s going to be a life-long partnership.

  1. But the benefit of that is that, like any partnership, is you’ve suddenly gained a whole new family, who mean as much to you as any family could.


  1. And you find yourself counting your new yoga family as amongst the most important people in your life, and look for all the ways you can hang out in future because you already really miss them!

  1. Despite the hard work, self-doubt, wobbles and tears, you know you’ve made the best decision you’ve ever made and you’re looking forward to becoming the best yoga teacher you can be!





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