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The benefits of online hypnotherapy

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The bulk of my hypnotherapy client work has always been with people struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns and their symptoms. In what has been a stressful year for so many reasons, people need that sort of support more than ever. Large-scale crisis such as a pandemic and resulting lockdowns can trigger existing mental health issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, eating disorders and depression, while people who may have never had issues before might be experiencing them for the first time. Sleeplessness, stress or problem habits can creep in when our daily routines are disrupted and we’re faced with high levels of worry and uncertainty. Solution-focused hypnotherapy is such a wonderful therapy for helping people cope at times of stress, and manage their mental health; and this year I have supported many existing, and a few new, clients through these times with online sessions. Though for some people, understandably, they are a bit unsure of hypnotherapy online. Can it still work? Is it still effective? Is is it the same process? Absolutely! But to put your mind at rest here are the benefits I have found from working exclusively online these past 11 months, not only for myself, but more importantly, for my clients.



We are sadly still in a pandemic, which comes with so many unknown variables. With all the cleaning, face masks, distancing and sanitiser; the risk in two or more people being in a room together, although lowered, is still there. I value my clients health (as well as the health of myself and those I live with) too much to put you at any risk. Even to lower risk I would have to make many changes to my practice: extra cleaning, face masks, and being very careful about distance. To me this isn’t conducive to a relaxing hypnotherapy session (and makes more work for me). Not only that but I find talking therapies – which we do with some solution-focused chat before the hypnosis – much better when we can see each others’ faces, which under masks is not always that easy. Over Zoom, you can relax in your own home, and I can be in mine with zero chance of virus spreading. What’s more, I can see your lovely face – and you can put up with seeing mine!


2. Consistency

Right now there are so very many variables to what we can do and when. We have been in and out of lockdown and back in again, and this ‘in and out’ schedule could go on for a while. Not only that but people are also having to go in to quarantines if they, or people they live with have been exposed to the virus, or indeed get sick. So do I. Therefore even if I did see people in person, I might not be able to keep that going, or clients may have to occasionally cancel if they were told to quarantine. By sticking to online, way we can get into a regular routine of sessions without having to worry about changing venues, if either of us are symptomatic or in quarantine or if the rules change without much notice.


3. Easiness

One thing I have been surprised at is how easy online sessions have turned out to be! I was a bit worried at first, as I am not the most technically minded person, but now I have the hang of Zoom clients just pay via Paypal or bank transfer, I send them a link before the session and they click on it and the session starts! No travel time (and car drivers will be pleased to have no parking worries in St Andrews) – just get comfy, switch on your computer and away we go!


4. Comfort

Which brings me on to comfort. While I endeavour to have a comfy, cosy office space; there is also a lot to be said for relaxing in your own home, especially if you haven’t had hypnotherapy before and are feeling a little anxious. You can sit in your favourite chair, on the sofa or a bed, with your favourite blanket, cushions, put your favourite background music on if you wish, or have some relaxing scents. You can even wear your jammies, I don’t mind… onsies, cats, dogs, teddy bears… I’ve seen it all and I promise you I do not mind! (that being said if you want privacy you can always use a Zoom background). If you feel super relaxed after your hypnotherapy session, you don’t have to worry about driving home or catching the bus, you can just chill out at home!


5. Accessibility

I have found the best thing about being online has been the additional accessibility it has given people. A lot of people are now working from home, but without travel time, there’s a lot more flexibility to when you have a session. If you have any mobility issues or transport issues, then there’s a huge benefit to having online sessions. There is also no limitation to where you are located. Since lockdown began I have seen clients from all over the UK, which has been brilliant (and gives people a lot more choice when picking a hypnotherapist to suit them!)

Man relaxing in armchair with headphones on
You can use headphones for an even better hypnotherapy experience

So if you are curious about trying hypnotherapy online, I am giving new clients an introductory first session price of £30 for the rest of the year. Sessions afterwards are £60 waged, £50 unwaged. If you would like to discuss sessions with a free 10min phone consultation (or to book a session) please get in touch via the contact page!

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